IEEE Computer Society Chicago Chapter - Inaugural Technical Meeting

IEEE Computer Society Chicago Chapter - Inaugural Technical Meeting

Feb 24, 2014. | By: Eric Tendian



Date: Monday, February 24, 2014, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Location: Stuart Building 111, Illinois Institute of Technology - 10 W 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60616


Come help us celebrate the new Chicago Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society by joining us for our inaugural technical meeting featuring a pair of talks on the state of Supercomputing. The first talk, “Supercomputing & You”, will be presented by the CS chapter’s Vice-Chair, Sharan Kalwani. The second, “Heterogeneous Computing: Promise and Challenge”, will be presented by Peter Zievers, CTO of Xcelemor, Inc. Snacks will be provided.


SHARAN KALWANI recently joined the HPC group at Fermi National Accelerator Labs as a Computing Services Architect. Before Fermi, he was the Subject Matter Expert/Project lead at the UberCloud project, working on helping to realize HPC in the cloud. With 30 years of experience in Scientific and Technical computing, Sharan has worked at numerous HPC industry leaders that include Cray Research, Silicon Graphics, Intel, etc. He has also spent several years in the industry at General Motors – managing their global engineering HPC centers, as well as in the academic domain, helping to fulfil their research computing missions. Sharan is a senior member of IEEE/Computer Society, USENIX/LISA. He was also one of the original founders of the michigan!/usr/group ( back in 1986. He also runs the popular discussion group ‘Innovative Uses of HPC’ on Linked In.

PETER J. ZIEVERS is the Chief Technical Officer at Xcelemor, Inc. His research interests include analysis and design of heterogeneous computing systems, resource management for computing systems, and high-performance digital communications for parallel distributed computing systems. He received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and his master of science and PhD. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. At AT&T and Lucent Technologies, he participated in central office design, ATM and ethernet transport network switch design and wireless system development, with responsibilities including chip and card design, system cabling, ethernet subsystem software, and system diagnostics. Before starting up Xcelemor, he consulted on software projects spanning broadband wireless, secured radio, personal messaging, and broadband infrastructure switching systems, responsibilities including diagnostics, 3rd party feature package integration, and system verification.


SUPERCOMPUTING & YOU Today we all take mobile apps, the web, and devices in the computer world for granted. But perhaps we are all not aware of the massive technological struggles and breakthroughs that made this all possible. Many of the innovations came from the world of supercomputing (aka High Performance Computing or HPC). HPC is even more active today and deemed “mission critical” by practically every organization and even countries. We will explore all of the technologies behind this, tracing the past, sharing in the present and look at the future.

HETEROGENEOUS COMPUTING: PROMISES AND CHALLENGE The user community benefits from heterogeneous computing technologies today more than ever. These benefits include vastly improved per-function performance at a fraction of the power consumption compared to comparable software functions executing on a microprocessor. Despite all contributions and considerable potential as an alternative, designers relegate heterogeneous computing to an assistant role. Scalable heterogeneous computing has ample range to satisfy generic application needs while slashing power consumption. Control plane performance considerations focus requirements for the successful solution. AAXE(TM) technology enables scalable, economical, powerful heterogeneous systems to handle generic applications by managing heterogeneous computing resources for efficient deployment.


Chris Jones
IEEE - CS Chicago Chapter
Chapter Chair


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