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End of Semester Newsletter

Apr 6, 2017. | By: Brandon Dotson

Learn about the following:

  • IEEE Executive Board Elections
  • Robosports Competition
  • Talk Series
  • Third General Body Meeting
  • Spring BBQ

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Vote Now! - Executive Board Elections

Apr 5, 2017. | By: Javier Sorribes

IEEE@IIT’s Executive Board elections are open!! Choose who will be taking the decisions next year to continue IEEE legacy. Please vote for your preferred candidates following the link below (deadline April 11th at 11:59PM):


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Mete Morris shares internship experience in Student-Speakers Series

Nov 22, 2016. | By: Javier Sorribes

Our peer Computer Engineering student, Mete Morris, delivered a great presentation of his internship experience last summer for a group of students. The event was open for anyone interested, whether a member of IEEE or not.

It was a great occasion in which we all learnt a lot about the job application process and about how it might be to work for a medium-sized Chicagoan engineering firm.

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IEEE@IIT President Brandon Dotson receives Excellence Award

Nov 17, 2016. | By: Javier Sorribes

Our President, Brandon Dotson, received the Outstanding Senior Member Excellence Award from OCL (Office of Campus Life) for his great work as a member of IEEE student chapter during all these years. Congratulations!

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Illinois Tech students place first in the Chicago Region in IEEExtreme

Nov 17, 2016. | By: Javier Sorribes

Two teams from Illinois Tech competed in IEEExtreme, a 24-hour online programming competition, on October 21–22. The competition is organized by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) worldwide. The team formed by IEEE@IIT Exec Boards Aditya Parakh, Aqueel Miqdad and Javier Sorribes were the top scorers within the Chicago region and will receive a prize from IEEE’s Chicago Section.

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Project Mashup a huge success

Nov 11, 2016. | By: Aditya Parakh

The first ever Project Mashup event held by the executive board of 2016-2017 was a huge success. There were over 20 registered teams, and over 50 participants participating in the event.

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Project Mashup on November 11th

Nov 5, 2016. | By: Aditya Parakh

Are you a fast thinker? Can you generate ideas quickly? Do you like winning events, and getting gifts? This event is for you!

IEEE Illinois Tech is hosting IEEE Project Mashup where you will create a product idea and pitch to the judges.

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IEEExtreme Registration open!

Oct 7, 2016. | By: Aditya Parakh

Do you like coding? Do you like solving problems? Come join us solving fun problems!

Take part in IEEExtreme, and win amazing prizes! There are also various region awards, and students from Illinois Tech have won awards in the past.

Let’s keep the tradition going and win a few more!

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IEEE-HKN Bowling Social

Oct 5, 2016. | By: Burhan Ali

Hello all! Eta Kappa Nu and IEEE will be hosting their first ever bowling social on Friday, October 7th from 7pm to 9pm at the Bog. Join us to have a great night and get an opportunity to learn more about Eta Kappa Nu while socializing with current members and the executive board.

Free food and drinks will be provided, so come in the evening and relax after a long stressful week. Hope to see you all there!

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First Fall GBM and Upcoming Events

Sep 23, 2016. | By: Javier Sorribes

Thanks to everyone who attended our GBM past Thursday and to Prof. Williamson for his speech! Hope you all found the presentation interesting.

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Open Executive Board Positions!

Aug 19, 2016. | By: Javier Sorribes

Are you looking to make a difference? Do you want to be part of a great professional student org?

IEEE@IIT is looking to fill these two executive board positions:

  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Chair

If you or someone you know would be interested (about this or anything else), send us an email at ieee@iit.edu. We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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IEEE Held Second General Body Meeting

Mar 7, 2015. | By: Vijai Baskar

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student chapter at IIT hosted their second general body meeting of the semester on Wednesday, February 25 at the Siegel Hall Auditorium. Vijai Baskar Sathyanarayanan, Newsletter Editor of IEEE @ IIT, an ECE graduate student, conducted the meeting by talking about all the events and activities that involved IEEE student branch during the spring semester.

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IEEE Attended Student Leadership Conference in Wisconsin

Mar 3, 2015. | By: Vijai Baskar

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) held their Region 4 Student Leadership Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from Friday, February 6 to Sunday, February 8. Eight members from the IEEE student chapter at IIT, as well as students from other institutions in the region attended the conference. IEEE Region 4 covers student and professional members in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, within the United States, and also the Windsor area in Canada. Of these regions, the attendees comprised of student branches from 17 universities. The attendees were taken on a company tour to Epic systems, a health care software company headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, where they were shown how the company works and their culture and ethics.

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IEEE National Information Session

Mar 11, 2014. | By: Eric Tendian

IEEE at IIT hosted an information session at the Siegel Hall Auditorium on Friday, March 7. The speaker of the event was Jalyn Kelley, IEEE Client Services Manager, who works with IEEE customers located in the southern and central United States and internationally.

Mehdi Ganji, President of IEEE @ IIT introduced the speaker to the audience and expressed gratitude to IEEE in its consistent support and faith in the student branch at IIT.

Kelley started off the presentation by giving a brief introduction about IEEE, its core areas of activity and its mission “To foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.” She described the history of IEEE and how it came into existence on the emergence of two organizations in the past, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE.) She also spoke about the various IEEE societies and how each society represents its area of technical interest. She mentioned about the benefit of being an IEEE member and being able to network with peers through various conferences and informative meetings.

“The benefits of being a member are plenty,” Kelley said, speaking about the IEEE job site, career alerts, career development webinars, awards and scholarships, and Microsoft software for students. IEEE members can access resources regards to building their resume at ieee.org/resumelab. She also mentioned about the events within IEEE, such as, Xtreme Programming Competition, and Presidents’ Change the World Competition where students and professionals can compete and the various fellowship/scholarship provided by IEEE. Students and professionals can stay technically current by subscribing to the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, and the Institute Newsletter and also access information from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and IEEE.tv by becoming a member.

Her presentation included in detail, the process involved in publishing papers and journals within IEEE. She explained about all the aspects of being a successful author within IEEE, places and means to look for to gather resources, parts that have to be included in a scientific paper, how to submit it and monitor the status of its approval and it being published. Interested students who are looking to become an IEEE author can visit www.ieee.org/go/authorship. Resources and reference papers can be accessed from the library at www.ieee.org/ieeexplore.

Kelley can be reached by mail at jalyn.kelley@ieee.org or find her on the website at www.ieee.org/go/clientservices.


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IEEE @IIT holds first general body meeting of semester

Feb 4, 2014. | By: Vijai

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter at IIT had its first general body meeting for the spring semester on Wednesday, January 29 in the Siegel Hall Auditorium.  Rohit Agarwal, Treasurer of IEEE @ IIT commenced the meeting by introducing the executive board members of IEEE to the students and the committees headed by them.  He then spoke about the current projects funded by IEEE and the upcoming tours and events planned for the spring semester.  Agarwal also mentioned the benefits of being an IEEE national member.

Eric Tendian, Webmaster of IEEE @ IIT unveiled the newly designed IEEE website.  The URL of the website is ieee.iit.edu.  It is a major improvement from our old website, and the Webmaster has put in commendable effort to make this possible.  Our new website contains all the information about the activities and projects within IEEE @ IIT.  Join committees and sign-up for tours using links available on the website.

The guest speaker for the session was Bruce Mueller, Director of Government & Public Safety Research, Motorola Solutions, Inc. who spoke about the vision of the company and its rich history.  He showed us a glimpse of the revenue generated by the company in the previous year and the products currently under implementation.  The main focus of his discussion was on the improvement of safety, security and efficiency practices within industries, and the new frontiers in public safety for safer cities.  He emphasized that a lot of companies nowadays actively collaborate with IEEE in mentoring professionals.

The current projects funded by IEEE are the Multi-touch Surface, Quadcopter, Guitar Amplifier, and Ardupilot.  Students are encouraged to join projects they are interested in. More information related to these projects can be found on the website. IEEE @ IIT is organizing two tours in February.  The earliest tour to S&C Electric Company is on Friday, February 7, and the next tour to Roberson and Associates has been scheduled to happen on February19.  Students can sign-up for these tours through links on the website which will be made available soon.

The next general body meeting is planned to be held on February 26, students will be notified about future meetings and events by email and the Facebook page.

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IEEE@IIT unveils 1st Project Meeting

Nov 9, 2013. | By: Vijai

Last week, the IEEE Student Chapter at IIT had their first project meeting of fall 2013 semester. The meeting took place on 7th November in the MTCC auditorium, and the turn- out was also very good.

Although IEEE@IIT organized many programs in this semester which includes their general body meeting, industrial tour, BBQ; the project meeting was the first of this semester. Juan Wang, Project Chair of IEEE@IIT chaired the meeting, and was accompanied by other executive members of the board. Juan introduced the students about the different projects with IEEE@IIT. The projects that are funded by IEEE are Quadcopter, Multi-touch project, Guitar Amplifier and Ardupilot. She shared the details on current progress, funding, and upcoming projects. Then she handed over the task of explaining each project to the individual team leader.

Rohit Agarwal, project leader of Guitar Amplifier, spoke about the current standing of the project. Talking about the different equipment’s they procured, and several tests performed to see that each equipment is working; his team is now ready to finally assemble the model. He invited other students to join the project as it would help them see classroom theory in action; learn hands-on experience, and eventually build-up resume.

Similarly, Peyton Zellar-Av, project leader of QuadCopter, gave an overview of the current status the project. The goal of their team is to successfully build a user-programmable Quadcopter, and have it flying by spring 2014. Their project is being advised by Prof. John Kallend, Professor of Materials Engineering.

Ardupilot group members described how they’re learning about “Arduino” by breaking it down to 10 different small projects. In fact, they have named their group as “Arduino Study Group.” Talking about their future plans and deadlines, the group has planned to finish the ArduPilot simulation by Dec 2013/Jan 2014, building the sailplane by February 2014 and completing the ArduPilot UAV by May 2014. Meanwhile, they are also planning to collaborate the ArduPilot project with the QuadCopter project in spring 2014 so as to enhance their wiring and programming issues.

Juan, who is also the project leader of Multi-touch project, spoke about their current standing. Currently, they have nine students working in the team. She talked about the various hardware and software enhancements that the group has planned to do in future. And, that included building a frame to fix the screens together and electric circuit to protect the LEDs, achieve human-computer interaction, and correctly compile the source-codes.

At the end, Eric Tendian, webmaster of IEEE@IIT, showed the new IEEE@IIT website to the attendees, launched last week. Any student interested in working on any of the project can mail to ieee@iit.edu.

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IEEE@IIT hosts Halloween, IEEEXtreme programming competition

Oct 26, 2013. | By: Vijai

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter at IIT organized a BBQ party last Friday as a part of their various events during the course of Fall Semester. The theme of the BBQ party was chosen as “Halloween BBQ party” because of the Halloween month and also to make the students feel relaxed and better after the stressful mid-term week.

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IEEE@IIT invites National Instruments, Goldman Sachs to campus

Oct 12, 2013. | By: Vijai

Last week has been a busy week for IEEE@IIT. IEEE@IIT organized a series of events on and off-campus which includes their second general meeting of the Fall semester, invited companies like National Instruments and Goldman Sachs to the campus, and also organized a tour to the Microsoft Technology Center indowntown Chicago.

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IEEE Student Leadership Conference

Oct 12, 2013. | By: Vijai

The IEEE Region 4 Student Leadership Conference was hosted by the University of Minnesota during October 4th -6th, 2013. A group of six students from IIT including four undergraduates and two graduate students as well as participants from other universities in Region 4 attended the conference. Region 4 includes all parts of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, USA and Windsor Area Canad.

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IEEE@IIT’s first General Meeting, ECE Department BBQ

Sep 14, 2013. | By: Vijai

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter at IIT had their first general body meeting of this semester on Wednesday, September 11, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering had a welcome barbeque for all the new-coming and transfer students on Friday, September 13 in front of Siegal Hall. The barbeque event was aimed to introduce the new Department Chair, Professor Ashfaq A. Khokhar. Professor Geoffrey Williamson who was the interim chair introduced Dr. Khokhar to the new students.

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IEEE Second General Meeting

Apr 6, 2013. | By: Vijai

IEEE@IIT organized their second general body meeting of the Spring semester on Thursday 4th April. The agenda of meeting included discussion about projects funded by IEEE, T-shirt design contest, election/nominations for the executive board, upcoming company tours and IEEE spring barbeque. Kicking off the meeting, George Williams, Secretary of the Student’s Chapter, welcomed everyone at the second meeting of IEEE@IIT.

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IEEE@IIT hosts first meeting of semester

Mar 8, 2013. | By: Vijai

The IEEE Student Chapter at IIT had their first general meeting of this semester on Thursday, 28 February in the Siegal hall auditorium. Since it was the first meeting students were curious about the agenda. George Williams, Secretary of the Students Chapter, on behalf of the President started the discussion by introducing the IEEE@IIT members to the students and then speaking about the meeting agenda including the introduction of new executive board members, upcoming IEEE@IIT events, internship matching, projects funded by IEEE and scholarships awarded by IEEE as well as announcing a T-shirt contest. After the introduction of members, George spoke about the upcoming events, like a barbecue party planned after Spring break. Upcoming events will be notified to students via e-mail and the Facebook group.

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