Vote Now! - Executive Board Elections

Vote Now! - Executive Board Elections

Apr 5, 2017. | By: Javier Sorribes

IEEE@IIT’s Executive Board elections are open!! Choose who will be taking the decisions next year to continue IEEE legacy. Please vote for your preferred candidates following the link below (deadline April 11th at 11:59PM):

Candidate Bios

Burhan Ali

Position(s) running for: President, Vice President

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: Burhan is very motivated and motivational. He can definitely make a great leader and take IEEE to new levels.

Candidate’s qualifications: He has been the vice president for the past year and has excelled at his job. He knows really well the administrative side of IEEE. Some of his experience is:

  • Vice President of IEEE (2016-Present)
  • Internal Secretary of IEEE (2015-2016)
  • Internal and External Secretary of Eta Kappa Nu (2016-Present)
  • Treasurer of Pakistan Student Association (2015-Present)

Sai Ayshwarya Lakshmi

Position(s) running for: President, Vice President, Treasurer

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination:

  1. Showcases good team spirit and always has the thirst to make a difference.
  2. Successfully governed two organizations as the Vice President and has done a remarkable difference.
  3. Ability to network with people, hear their ideas and help them shape their ideas into reality.
  4. Interacted with leading industry professionals since 2012.
  5. Capacity to use resources and help students realize their potential to the fullest.
  6. Has been appreciated by many professionals and peers for her dedication and hard-work.

Candidate’s qualifications: Held many leadership positions in the past. Experience includes - Organizing job fairs, technical workshops and symposiums, sports and cultural fests. Approaching companies for mentor-ship and sponsorship of events.

Past leadership experiences include:

  1. Treasurer of IEEE at IIT - Spring 2017 -Present
  2. Vice President of Student Academic Council 2015-2016
  3. Vice President of Network of Computer Science Engineers 2014-2015
  4. Student Representative Of Internal Quality Assurance Cell 2014-2016 (Only 2 students are selected for this position from an institution of 4500 students)
  5. Class Representative (2012-2013)

Siddharth Deshpande

Position(s) running for: Project Chair

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: He is well trained and determined person who puts his maximum effort on what ever job he is entitled for. His lead and actions will reflect on the project. I think he is deserves this position looking at his soft skill and management skills. He is an outstanding performer regardless the role given to him.

Candidate’s qualifications: Most importantly the interest in IEEE and electrical engineering along with management skills well proven in various events.

Atul Viswanath

Position(s) running for: External Secretary, Publicity Chair, Public Relations

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination:

  1. I have extensive knowledge and experience in public relations
  2. I have a good experience in marketing and advertising of events
  3. I am experienced in event management
  4. I am very approachable, easy with work with, and am a team-player
  5. I am an electrical engineering graduate student at IIT
  6. I have worked on technical and professional projects with teams throughout the years

Candidate’s qualifications:

  1. I am the current Vice-President (outreach) of Vedic Vision Society, and am handling the public relations and outreach activities of the student organization through social media advertising and e-mail campaigning. I also help to plan out the organization's weekly events.
  2. I also am a Student Assistant Coach of the IIT Track and Field team, where I handle international athlete recruitment and publicity of our university. Hence, I have some experience in talking to people of varied cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds
  3. I was the Lead of the Learning and Development (L&D) unit at my previous workplace, where I had to oversee the skill-development of over 80 employees. I was also doing the L&D related budgeting for every financial quarter.
  4. I have also collaborated in a 12-man team at my previous job and part of my job was to speak to the clients to update them on the project status
  5. I have helped to conduct events at my undergrad college

Abhishek Kumar

Position(s) running for: Internal Secretary, Treasurer

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: I am Abhishek Kumar and I can help functioning of the IEEE IIT Chicago even more smoothly and improve coordination among the Executive board members as well as the general members as I’ve previous experience in doing so and also currently doing so in VVS a student organization on IIT Chicago Campus at present as programming coordinator.

Candidate’s qualifications: He is hard-working, dedicated, a team player, can lead too, experience is working in the executive board member team of an organization as currently serving as the programming coordinator in VVS since Jan-2017, where his role is to organize and manage weekly events which see attendance upwards of 100 students, connects well with team members and the attending students alike, which makes him even more suitable for the role of internal secretary.

Manideep Penmathsa

Position(s) running for: Internal Secretary

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: I am a third year undergraduate majoring in electrical engineering. I am passionate about electrical engineering and want to experience and learn something new. IEEE is a great platform to connect with fellow ECE majors and learn something from them. I also want to contribute something back to IEEE by helping the Board members in anyway possible.

Candidate’s qualifications: Previous experience in executive board. Worked as rock climbing club student advisor.

Karthikeyan Kumar

Position(s) running for: Vice President, Internal Secretary, Project Chair

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: A level headed, team player who looks at the bigger picture. Having been part of the executive board of organisations, I’ve an overall understanding on how things function in an organisation, thereby helping me to adapt to situations quickly. Being the secretary, I gained valuable experience on approaching any problem diplomatically, and analyses the problem before jumping to conclusion. My role as the Project Lead inculcated the habit of being a quick thinking, proper planning, and efficient execution.

Candidate’s qualifications: An enthusiastic individual, passionate in undertaking and working on new projects, and skillful enough to finish projects before the targeted deadlines. My role as Project Lead of the Simple Labs, where we help students in learning about embedded programming and robotics, gives me the edge necessary to excel at the job. I was the secretary of the Tennis club, where my duties involved but where not limited to, maintaining the attendance, preparations for the events, ensuring smooth communication amongst the executive board. My roles over the years, at various organisations and NGO’s provides me with the edge necessary to perform my role to the fullest.

Brandon Dotson

Position(s) running for: External Secretary, Publicity Chair, Public Relations

Reasons behind this candidate’s nomination: He has had more than two years of experience to learn the ins and outs of IEEE. He knows what works well and not so well. He no longer has to worry about “growing pains” and knows what needs to be done and how. Most importantly, having him around means that he will be able to guide the next set of board members with his extensive knowledge of IEEE as he transitions toward his own graduation.

Candidate’s qualifications: He has volunteered and held two different positions on the IEEE Executive Board for a total of more than two years. He also currently serves as President. Due to his history of being heavily involved in the board, he knows nearly everything there is to know about all board positions and their roles within the team. He is also very dedicated and detail-oriented, taking notice of things that might not be caught by others and doing what it takes to keep things going smoothly.


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