IEEE National Information Session

IEEE National Information Session

Mar 11, 2014. | By: Eric Tendian

IEEE at IIT hosted an information session at the Siegel Hall Auditorium on Friday, March 7. The speaker of the event was Jalyn Kelley, IEEE Client Services Manager, who works with IEEE customers located in the southern and central United States and internationally.

Mehdi Ganji, President of IEEE @ IIT introduced the speaker to the audience and expressed gratitude to IEEE in its consistent support and faith in the student branch at IIT.

Kelley started off the presentation by giving a brief introduction about IEEE, its core areas of activity and its mission “To foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.” She described the history of IEEE and how it came into existence on the emergence of two organizations in the past, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE.) She also spoke about the various IEEE societies and how each society represents its area of technical interest. She mentioned about the benefit of being an IEEE member and being able to network with peers through various conferences and informative meetings.

“The benefits of being a member are plenty,” Kelley said, speaking about the IEEE job site, career alerts, career development webinars, awards and scholarships, and Microsoft software for students. IEEE members can access resources regards to building their resume at She also mentioned about the events within IEEE, such as, Xtreme Programming Competition, and Presidents’ Change the World Competition where students and professionals can compete and the various fellowship/scholarship provided by IEEE. Students and professionals can stay technically current by subscribing to the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, and the Institute Newsletter and also access information from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and by becoming a member.

Her presentation included in detail, the process involved in publishing papers and journals within IEEE. She explained about all the aspects of being a successful author within IEEE, places and means to look for to gather resources, parts that have to be included in a scientific paper, how to submit it and monitor the status of its approval and it being published. Interested students who are looking to become an IEEE author can visit Resources and reference papers can be accessed from the library at

Kelley can be reached by mail at or find her on the website at



Here at the Illinois Institute of Technology, IEEE represents one of the largest student organizations on campus. Our organization strives to further students' professional and educational development through a wide array of opportunities. Please take a look at what we have to offer, and come visit the IEEE Office located in Siegel Hall 013!

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