IEEE@IIT hosts Halloween, IEEEXtreme programming competition

IEEE@IIT hosts Halloween, IEEEXtreme programming competition

Oct 26, 2013. | By: Vijai

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter at IIT organized a BBQ party last Friday as a part of their various events during the course of Fall Semester. The theme of the BBQ party was chosen as “Halloween BBQ party” because of the Halloween month and also to make the students feel relaxed and better after the stressful mid-term week. Although the weather was chilly, still a large number of students turned up. Dr. Chi Zhou, Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and IEEE@IIT’s faculty advisor, coordinated the event along with IEEE executive body members Eric Tendian, Jai Sathyanarayanan, Juan Wang, Rohit Agarwal, and Swasti R. Khuntia. IEEE@IIT, in the mean while, is planning for another industrial tour in this Fall Semester. The only industrial tour in this semester was the Microsoft Technology Center tour in Downtown.

IEEE@IIT also hosted the international programming competition in the IIT campus from Friday 7:00 pm to Saturday 7:00 pm. The event is called “IEEEXtreme.” It is an international competition in which teams of IEEE Student members, supported by their IEEE Student Branch, advised and proctored by an IEEE member; compete in a 24-hour marathon time against each other to solve a bunch of programming problems. It can be called as a virtual online competition. This year, there were five groups consisting of 13 students from IIT. These include both graduate and undergraduate students. And, all these groups are sponsored by IEEE@IIT and IEEE-Chicago section. Robert Burke, IEEE@IIT Branch Advisor, says that this year’s representation and preparation is one of the best as compared to last year. And, he hopes that at least one team from IIT is a winner.

Last year, there were 1900 teams worldwide. The word “Xtreme” in the name is because the contest goes on for exactly 24 hours non-stop. The teams of three-programmers are given a set of problems, for which they are meant to write a program to solve the task. And they have a variety of programming language to choose from. And this includes C, C++, C#, Java, and Python to name a few. We hope for the best, and wish this year at least one team from IIT is a winner.


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